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if you’ve been considering rewiring your Romsey home for a while, you’ve probably heard two important terms - ‘first fix’ and ‘second fix’. But what do they mean and what’s involved?

When it comes to rewiring a home, the work involved is divided up into two parts. These are known as a first and second fix. NDM Electrical are your local rewire specialists based in Romsey, with us you’ll be in the safe hands of our expert electricians. It can sometimes be hard to explain the whole process of a rewire but by breaking it down step-by-step this blog post should help you to better understand exactly what the rewire process involves making the rewire seem that little bit less overwhelming. 

Rewiring: ‘first fix’

The first fix of a rewire refers to the prep work. Essentially laying the foundations down for the more advance work to follow. Some examples of first fix work include:

  • Running cables through walls & under floorboards.
  • Replacing old wiring. 
  • New black boxes on sockets & switches.
  • Marking out new positions for alterations. 

Rewiring: ‘second fix’

During the second fix you’ll see everything being connected. Essentially everything you can see being connected to everything you can’t see. You’ll also see new sockets, switches and light fittings being installed. Alongside this a new consumer unit will be fitted connecting to all the circuits. The second fix will also include making any agreed additions or alterations you decided to make during the planning stage. This could include moving or adding new sockets, switches or laying out the foundations for new installations like an EV charger. It is always recommended to make these additions now rather than 6 months down the line – it’s more convenient and way more efficient. 

Testing & certification

After the messy work has been completed, the last stage of a rewire includes testing all installations and certifying the work. Here at NDM Electrical we thoroughly test all completed works to the highest standard. Now as experienced electricians we are very confident in our work, but you really can never be too careful – especially on a big project like rewiring. 

The big clean up!

Unfortunately electricians are sometimes known for being a little messy. We always hold ourselves accountable for our mess and will do everything possible to ensure your home remains clean and tidy. During the rewire process we take additional measures to catch dust and protect your home and the furnishings inside as much as we possibly can. 

Rewiring your home in Romsey, Hampshire

We hope our customers found this blog useful and that you’re given a unique insight into the rewire process. Fully understanding a big project like a rewire means you’ll know what to expect allowing you to better prepare and hopefully making the process a little less stressful and overwhelming. If you have any questions or would like some rewire advice, please feel free to contact your local rewire electricians in Romsey, Hampshire; NDM Electricals’ friendly team are always happy to help!