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For many Hampshire landlords, the news that their rental property needs rewiring prompts many questions and, if inexperienced, can leave them feeling a little concerned about what happens next. 

If you are a landlord in Hampshire and have just learnt that you need your rental property rewiring, NDM Electrical are here to help ease you through the process. We are your local, specialist rewire electrician in Hampshire and our experienced, qualified electricians are here to answer all your questions.

Why rewire your rental property?

All rental properties in Hampshire must be electrically safe for their inhabitants. Rental properties must undergo an electrical inspection, known as an EICR and carried out by a registered electrician, every 5 years. As a landlord it is your legal responsibility to ensure this occurs. The electrician performing the EICR at your Hampshire rental property will be checking that the electrical installation is safe and meets current regulations. If they find lots of issues and deterioration, then they may recommend a rewire is carried out and your property will fail the EICR until this is completed.
When there are several issues found during an EICR, it is highly likely your tenants will have had issues and will have reported these to you. They may have noticed flickering lights, frequent tripping at the fuse board or malfunctioning sockets. Rental properties endure heavy usage and this is especially true for the electrical system. Over time it will begin to deteriorate. You can generally expect your rental property’s wiring to be in good, serviceable condition for around 25 years before a rewire is needed. HMOs have specific regulations, and they may need rewiring more regularly. 

Rewiring a rental property

The entire electrical system is replaced when your Hampshire rental property is rewired. Light switches, sockets and light fittings will all be removed, and new ones will be installed in their place. Channels will be cut into your walls to allow new wiring to be installed and floorboards will need to be lifted. A new fuse board, or consumer unit, that is compliant with all current safety regulations will also be fitted as part of the process. Your electrician will ask you to consider how your tenants use your property before they begin work. This is to determine if any changes need to be made to the locations of sockets and switches. Would an additional socket in the kitchen make it easier for your tenants to use and reduce the risk of overloading? Sockets and switches can be installed wherever they are most convenient. You can also take this opportunity to install upgrades such as electric showers or outdoor sockets to make your property more appealing to prospective tenants. 

First Fix and Second Fix

The messiest, most disruptive stage of rewiring your rental property is known as the first fix. This is when new cabling and back boxes are installed with channels cut into walls. Floorboards and floor coverings will also be lifted at this stage. A plasterer will attend after this has been completed to make good the walls before the second fix begins. During the second fix stage of rewiring, your electrician will install light fixtures, faceplates for sockets and switches and your new consumer unit. Then, after testing, the electrical installation will be certified and registered by the electrician with building control under Part P of the building regulations. 

When is the best time to have a rental property rewired?

Rewiring is a messy and disruptive process, with unhindered access required to every room in your Hampshire rental property. There will be dust and noise and some rooms will be out of bounds whilst work is carried out. The power will be off for extended periods to allow the electricians to work safely. It is easiest for both the electrician and your tenants if the property is empty when rewiring is undertaken. The best time to rewire a rental property is therefore when it is in between tenants. At NDM Electrical we understand that that is not always possible and so we will work with and around your tenants should they need to stay at the property.

If you need to rewire your rental property in Hampshire, or have questions about rewiring a rental property, contact us at NDM Electrical. Our electricians are all fully qualified, NICEIC registered and highly experienced. Call us today.