sockets installed by NDM Electrical

Are you looking to make electrical additions to your home in Romsey? Find yourself reaching for the extension lead a little too often? Making electrical additions such as adding extra sockets is an easy and cost-effective way of enhancing your homes electrical system.

The demand for plug sockets is increasing as the average homeowner owns about nine electrical devices. However, older homes are not designed to handle such a high number of devices, leading people to rely on extension leads. This poses a significant risk as it can be extremely dangerous. Here's why:

  • Extension leads overtime can deteriorate leading to potential fire risks and electric shock.
  • Extension leads are not designed to be a long-term solution. 
  • Extension leads should never be overloaded or doubled up as they can overheat quickly. 
  • Extension leads are a huge trip hazard.

Make sure to use an extension lead responsibly and avoid overloading the sockets. Before adding more plug sockets, your electrician will check your existing electrical system. This is known as an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report). An EICR will ensure your electrical system can handle the added pressure extra sockets will require. Installing extra sockets on an already stressed electrical system can be fatal. 

Upgrading socket style

Fed up with your standard, white sockets? Why not consider upgrading to chrome, matte black or stainless steel? Socket designs have advanced over the years and the design options are varied. Making a simple change can make all the difference – a cherry on top if you will!

USB socket installation

Are you a tech enthusiast? Why not opt for a USB style socket to power all of your devices more efficiently? Never have enough sockets in the kitchen? Power your USB compatible devices with a pop up, retractable USB worktop socket. 

Can I install a plug socket myself?

Here at NDM Electrical in Romsey we strongly advise against attempting DIY electrics. We frequently encounter improperly installed sockets, which ultimately lead to customers spending additional money and wasting more time compared to if they had initially hired an electrician.

How long does it take to install a plug socket?

It should only take a few hours to install an extra plug socket. If you're only adding one socket, it would be considered a small task, and the cost would be based on the electrician's minimum rate. If you plan to upgrade all of your existing sockets plus add a few more, this would of course be reflected in the cost and will significantly increase the jobs time-frame. 

Electrical additions in Romsey, Hampshire

NDM Electrical, Romsey can make multiple electrical additions such as new sockets, switches, and other small electrical installations. We ensure a high-quality installation at a competitive price point. With us, there’s no hidden fees or surprises – we provide a top-notch service with electrical safety in mind at all times. After all additions have been made, we will fully test and certify the works leaving you with proper documentation. We welcome small jobs, treating all jobs equally. Wondering how we can help you? Get in touch with our professional electricians based in Romsey, Hampshire.