Bathroom renovations in Hampshire – Electrics, Lighting & Design

Looking to renovate your bathroom in Hampshire? It’s crucial you consider all aspects of the renovation including the electrics, lighting, and overall design. A big part of a complete bathroom renovation is the electrics – from heated towel rails to high quality extractor fans.  

Bathrooms & electrics – what you need to know

One of the most dangerous combinations – water and electricity. So, what safety measures do we consider when installing bathroom electrics? We comply with IET Wiring working in line with bathroom zones. Bathroom zones are areas where electrical equipment must offer a certain degree of protection against water and moisture. Let’s look at each zone in more detail:

  • Zone 0: Zone 0 is located inside the bath or shower. As you can imagine this area is of the highest risk as it’s the most likely to gain contact with water. Any fitting installed within zone 0 must be of low voltage – max 12v and be fully protected against both partial and total water immersion.
  • Zone 1: Zone 1 is above the bath itself – 2.25m from the floor to be exact. AKA the splash zone! Any fitting located here must be splash-proof (or better) with again no more than a voltage of 12. 
  • Zone 2: Zone 2 stretches up to 600mm outside of the shower or bath. Although fittings are less likely to be exposed to water, they should still be splash-proof and a maximum of 12v. 
  • Beyond zone 2: Areas of the bathroom beyond zone 2 are still considered a risk so installations are recommended to still have some form of moisture protection. Furthermore, any portable equipment should not be fitted if it can be used within Zone 0, 1 or 2. 

IP ratings explained

Ingress protection or IP numbers relate to the level of mechanical and moisture protection of the fitting or electrical equipment. They are followed by two digits – the higher the number, the better level of protection against both moisture and mechanical failure. 

Important: any form of electrical equipment which isn’t IP rated must NOT be used in any damp area such as bathroom zones 0,1 or 2 (or beyond).

Bathroom lighting & design

Lighting and design go hand in hand when it comes to bathroom renovations. An experienced electricians will be able to offer their expert advice and effectively install a range of high-quality bathroom lighting and electrical installations such as underfloor heating, heated towel rails, mirror lighting and more. All of these installations should work in harmony curating your desired overall experience. A bathroom should be a relaxing space allowing you to get ready happily or unwind from the day. A combination of lighting techniques such as LED downlights and electric mirrors work well together. You should also consider colour temperature, brightness, and placement. LED strip lighting within shower cabinets brings a modern touch. Every bathroom renovation will require different lighting techniques and combinations – ultimately, it’s up to you but it’s worth getting an expert opinion from your electrician. If you’d like to see some of our recent bathroom lighting projects, take a look on our Facebook page or visit our portfolio here

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